OX70e    Black anodized aluminium tiller extension.
    Tiller extension with releasable
    joint/swivel rope core.
    Length 60 cm. Weight 128 grams
OX70te   Black anodized aluminium tiller
    complete with tiller extension OX70e.
    Weight 390 grams. Length 60cm.
OX70jwr   Joint with rope core
OX31   Mast step
OX30es   Low friction end stop
OX70rf   Set rubber fittings (long+short)
OX70gb   Transom fitting with back plate
OX70rc   Rudder retaining clip
OX75   Foil set Optimax including rudder fittings
OX75c   Optimax centerboard
OX75r   Optimax rudder including rudder fittings
OX90   Yellow PU nylon coated buoyancy bag 48L

OX9    Windindicator PRO
OX12   Lacing lines for mast and boom
    5x 2.2 mm tacklines,
    16x 1.2 mm lacing lines
OX8   Pair of blue pennnant holders
OX91   Praddel paddle
OX25ps   'pin stop' for effective downhaul function
OX36le   Lacing eye grey incl rivits
OX7hi3   Harken hook-in block
OX60   Harken halyard with 2 blocks
OX60B   Halyard system with low friction ring
OX60R   Halyard line with low friction ring
OX7l   25mm Low friction ring



OX36bjM3   Boom jaws, 40mm
OX36esM3   End stop for boom, 40mm
OX46M3   Set of sprit ends 27mm, grey
OX36bjM4   Boom jaws, 45mm
OX36esM4   End stop for boom, 45mm
OX46M4   Set of sprit end 29mm, grey
OX36bs   Vectran boom strop with SS ring
OX61cs   Low friction mast collar with mast sleeve
OX61c   Low friction deck collar
OX61s   Low friction mast sleeve
OX36se   Strop eye
OX36sh   SS snap shackle
OX25cc   Alluminium clamcleat downhaul
OX25ha   Aluminium clamcleat halyard
OX36oc   Outhaul cleat
OX36dh   Vectran downhaul
OX80   Nylon sprit adjuster handle
OX24mbs   Measurement-band sticker