Optimax Foils

These racing Optimist foils are manufactured in high quality CNC designed moulds to create the ultimate shape for the best sailing performance in the water. These high-end fiberglass / foam racing Optimist foils have a wet sanded pro finish below the waterline to create less drag and are finished with a UV protected gelcoat to offer more durability.

ox75 optimax racing foils optimist sailing

optimax pro finish foils optimist

OX75    Optimax foil set with rudder fittings
OX75r   Optimax rudderblade with fittings
OX75c   Optimax daggerboard


- High-end fiberglass / foam inner
- Wet sanded pro finish for minimal drag
- UV protected gelcoat for durability
- Rudderblade with fittings
- Daggerboard with teak wood handles
- Manufactured in high quality CNC designed moulds

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